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Unicorn Media Public Relations Agency


Unicorn Media prolonged co-operation with Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych Legg Mason (Legg Mason Global Asset Management).

Under this agreement, Unicorn Media will be responsible for contact with the media, advice with regard to external communication and investors’ relations, as well as other duties.

„Our continuing co-operation with Legg Mason is proof for us, that in the Polish PR services market, quality and expertise are becoming more and more important. Legg Mason is one of many customers in the financial sector with which our agency has been co-operating and we are certain that this group will be gradually increasing” – Managing Director of Unicorn Media, Tomasz Szymanowski.

Legg Mason TFI offers investment funds and specialist saving-retirement programmes to individual and institutional customers. The basis of its investment policy are classic assets and investments based on the internal value of enterprises. The company has been present in the Polish market since 1998, initially as TFI of Bank Handlowy. Legg Mason TFI is the first company in Poland which has clearly determined its investment policy and maintains an open dialogue regarding  risks related to investing.