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Unicorn Media Public Relations Agency



Planning is the key to success.

Unicorn Media started its activity in 2005. In the beginning it completed projects for the biggest PR agencies in Poland. Drawing on the experience of entities already  operating in the market the company built it own values and work strategies which began to separate itself from its competition.

Since 2009, Unicorn Media has initiated its first long-term contracts with customers operating in Polish and international markets.

The organisation really began to dynamically develop at the beginning of 2010, when the decision to begin a wide expansion throughout Poland was made. Within only the first two quarters of the year the agency acquired its first three customers, including an international contract with a well-recognised brand in the IT sector. The following months brought a subsequent seven customers on board and the agency expanded to include ten employees. Presently, our acquired contracts and competent employees represent strong foundations for the future. Soon new contracts and new people will become part of the Unicorn Media team.