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Unicorn Media Public Relations Agency


Unicorn Media for Prospect Group

Unicorn Media has acquired a customer in the professional services sector. The agency’s consultants are responsible for media services required by Prospect Group - a group specialised in industrial alpinism and working at heights.

Prospect Group performs various tasks at heights throughout the whole country using professional alpine equipment . The group comprises three companies: Prospect, Prospect Safe Systems and Prospect Multimedia. Prospect Group employees are required by Polish law and other authorities to have medical certificates and training authorising them to work at heights and perform professionally alpinist services, therefore the company has equipment facilitating work in even the most difficult conditions at its disposal.

Prospect specialises in snow-clearing, measuring the statistical load on roofs, roof cover repair; technical reviews, anticorrosive protection and overhauls of steel and concrete structures, technical analyses of chimneys, GSM towers and masts; painting halls, factories, flyovers, silos; painting warnings on GSM towers and chimneys and fire-protection coating.

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